105 Fortis Green, London, N2 9HR, United Kingdom

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Our History

Birthplace of the Kinks



The Clissold Arms is a beautiful British gastropub that holds a special place within its community and is brimming with local history. 

We are proud to call ourselves the  'Birthplace of The Kinks' being the venue where brothers Ray and Dave Davies held their debut performance. We have a huge array of Kinks memorabilia on display in our aptly named Kinks Room, which welcomes fans from all over the world throughout the year.

Among them is a signed copy of the Kinks' first single, a cover of Little Richard's Long Tall Sally, a wall of photographs and other Kinks treasures and a brass plaque which reads: Site of the 1957 performing debut of Ray and Dave Davies. Founding members of the Kinks. 

In Dave Davies's song 'Fortis Green' he sings: "Mum would shout and scream when dad would come home drunk, When she'd ask him where he'd been, he said Up The Clissold Arms, Chattin' up some hussy, but he didn't mean no harm".  

The Kinks were all local boys to this pub.  

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There is nothing more important to us than our community and our customers. We are a happy bunch and we want you to feel the same way when you're here. Providing you with a warm and memorable experience here is what we strive for.